Monday, July 6, 2009

Time Travel

Once upon a time, I visited the future. I hopped on a plane early morning on May 3, flew to San Francisco and then boarded my time machine. I strapped into my seat and waited to take off. I expected to land in Korea sometime that night, say around 10pm. It was about an 11 hour flight, so I figured I would sleep when I got there. Little did I know, I had actually boarded a time machine (really, I was full aware of the time change, but for the sake of the story, I'm playing a little dumb). We landed in Korea. It was about 5pm, or so they told me. As far as I was concerned, it was like 2am. May 4 had just begun for me, but in reality, it was just ending. Holy smokes! I did it! I just traveled to the future. It was only a day ahead, but the future nonetheless.

Now get this. After spending three weeks in the future, I felt that I had already adapted. I also was a little tired of being in the future, even though it was so cool. I decided that since I was able to travel to the future, why couldn't I go back in time? I was determined to go back in time. I once again boarded my time machine at 5:30pm on May 25 in the future. After a few movies, BOOM! I arrived in Salt Lake city. What?! It was 3:30pm on May 25. I did it! I successfully went back in time! I wasn't supposed to board my time machine in Japan for another two hours. That's really weird to think about. Maybe I have another self in Japan that is two hours away from me in time. We just happen to be in a different time warp. Anyways, I'm a time traveler. How cool is that?

a picture of me traveling through time :)