Monday, December 3, 2012

Lights in Salt Lake

I was up in Salt Lake the other day to check out the lights on Temple Square. On the drive up there, the sky decided to start raining and it never ceased for the entire evening until it was time to head back home. Despite the chilly, wet evening, it was a wonderful place to be to start off the holiday season.

The lights were absolutely beautiful and exceptionally radiant because of the dark, damp weather. Still, one light shined far brighter than the rest. The Salt Lake Temple. It is the focal point of Temple Square. It's spires reach towards the heavens. It causes the human eye to reject it's natural vision of a downward gaze, to look up and contemplate the larger, more eternal scale of things. It brings immediate peace where anxiety, stress and fear abound.

After all, this is a season of peace and joy. A time when we can forget about ourselves, our problems and our troubles and focus on serving those around us. It's a time of hope, knowing that no matter how bad things get, there is still a Greater Being that watches over us and loves us more than we can comprehend. It is a time to remember the ultimate sign of hope that we have been given by a loving Heavenly Father, that of His Son, Jesus Christ.

May this Christmas bring you the peace for which you are searching.