Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black Beauty

My friend has a beautiful car and I have been wanting to drive it for a long time. Finally, I had an opportunity to do it and I was not going to miss this chance. First off, you have to see this thing. Good thing I had my camera with me (it's basically a new appendage that is always with me), so I snapped a shot.

(I specifically edited this to look like it came from Top Gear) 
(The British one. Not the American one)

It is very nice to look at, but looks are nothing compared to how it drove. If you had a Black Audi A4 whiz passed you sometime today, bets are, that was me. I have never driven anything like this. Then again, I have never driven a car anywhere close to this new and amazing. 

The acceleration is so addicting. I literally wanted to hit every red light just so I can feel the rush of the acceleration, especially when the turbo kicks in. So much fun. 

I took it cruising up Provo canyon where there are some fun curvy roads. It handles like a dream. So smooth and tight, without any slipping, thanks to the quattro all-wheel drive. I wanted to just continue all the way to Park City, but I didn't want to use all the gas. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Last week was my birthday and I was planning on posting back then right after it happened, but it got away from me and I'm posting a week later. My birthday was an awesome day full of shopping, food, and surprises.

I spent most of the day wandering around the mall just looking for anything that might strike my fancy. It was my birthday, so I figured that I would go and find myself something. Well, sad to say, I only found one thing, but it was pretty nice. I bought a light jacket from the GAP. I have been needing a light jacket, something I could wear when it wasn't too hot or too cold. I had the problem of having no jacket, and my Russian wool jacket that was meant to keep me warm really when it is below 0 degrees outside. So, I would either be a little cold in more mild weather, or extremely hot because of my limited choices.

In my family, we always celebrate our birthdays by going out to eat at the restaurant of our choice. I wanted to go to the Bombay House. It has amazing Indian food, but I knew that my mom and sister would not eat anything there. So I settled on Los Hermanos, a nice little Americanized Mexican restaurant. It was quite delicious and very satisfying.

When I went into work that afternoon to lock up the lab, there was a surprise waiting at my desk.

There were five balloons held down by a Snickers bar. It was left by a very dear friend of mine. At first, when I saw the balloons, I was really confused. I looked around the lab trying to figure out to whom they belonged. When there was only one person in the lab, and they were as far as they could get from the balloons, I then realized that they were maybe for me. And they were! Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks to everyone that made my birthday so special, whether it was by surprise, comment, or facebook message. It was a wonderful day.