Friday, November 19, 2010

Album Cover

So, I was a little bored at work and started looking through my photos. I came across my Japan/Korea tour pictures and found this beauty.

Why was this never on the cover of the tour cd? Oh, man! That would have been sweet. If I ever get a rock/funk/whatever band together, we're going to do something epic like this for our cover. Awesome.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The "Me" Monster

How many of us out there have been plagued by the "me" monster? I'm sure at some point, all of us have. I know I have, especially these past few days. I this, I that, me this and me that. It happens to the best of us.

These past few weeks, in our church meetings, we have talked a lot about serving others. Of course, my initial response is, "no way can I find the time to serve others. I have so much to do that I can barely take care of my self." The thing is, that is exactly what the "me" monster wants us to think. He wants us to think that we are the most important, the number one. However, this goes against the teachings of the Bible and everything that Christ stood for. I'm sure that Christ could have played the "woes me" card, that I so often play when I'm overwhelmed and in need of strength and help. The fact is that in times where He could have done that, he served and helped others. Because of this, our Heavenly Father provided for Him and gave Him the strength he needed to progress.

We had a great lesson in Sunday School that came from the book Ezekiel. Three verses in particular stuck out to me. It was Ezekiel 34: 2-4. These verses are regarding the leaders of the church and how they should be watching over their flocks (respective callings and congregations), but they are neglecting to do so because of everything they are doing for themselves. There was a comment made that really hit me. She explained how this also applies generally to everybody, where the flocks are all those around us with whom we may come in contact everyday. When we focus on ourselves, we neglect everyone around us who may need help, even if we ourselves are seeking help. What occurred to me, after this comment was made, was that when we are able to help others when we ourselves are hurt and seeking help and guidance, that is when our Heavenly Father puts someone else in our path to serve and help us. Purely focusing on ourselves and our immediate needs does not bring us all that much happiness, as has been proved by these last few days in my life.

Of course, we are all busy. There is no denying that, especially in this modern world. Service rendered does not have to be huge and require hours of our time. It could be a smile or even a brief conversation. This is something I need to work on. There are so many opportunities for service that I miss because I'm thinking too much about me, my schedule and everything I have to do.

For everyone that made it to the end of this, I have a treat for you. If you have ten minutes, listen to the most beautiful piece of music ever (link below). I'm sure there is other beautiful music out there (actually, I'm positive there is), but this piece moves me and ignites something deep down in me. This is the beauty of art. It does something to you. It calls upon emotions of all kinds. This, however, is another topic of discussion I may touch on in the future. I hope you enjoy "Fratres II" by Arvo Pärt (If this does not move you, you have no soul, or I'm just a little weird).