Monday, December 27, 2010

Uncle Zach

This Christmas season was more than just a season of giving and receiving, but rather of becoming. I became, for the first time, something that I have coveted for a long time. I became an uncle.

Many of my friends have been aunts and uncles for years now. Some have even been an aunt or an uncle since they were born or just infants. Not me. I have waited 25 years for this to happen and let me tell you, it is such an awesome experience. Here is little Violet, my niece.

She is just the most precious little girl. I couldn't stop smiling while I was holding her. I was just so happy.

Holding her in my arms was like holding a little piece of heaven. She is so pure and so beautiful. Absolutely flawless. That was quite the Christmas gift to become an uncle. Now it's just a couple months until I get a little nephew. I can't wait.