Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chocolate Milk

So, I got up this morning and decided that I wanted some chocolate milk. I got upstairs, poored a glass of milk, grabbed some Nesquik and was more than ready and excited for my cool, refreshing glass of liquid chocolate paradise. I opened the chocolate to find that it hadn't been used in a little while and was a little compressed and hard. So, my natural inclination was to put the top back on and give it a little shake to loosen it up (because everyone knows that this makes your chocolate milk fluffier and lighter. Duh!).

As I'm doing this, I'm watching a little Sportscenter, listening to analysts talk about the Saints and Colts perfect season, Tiger Woods, BCS hopefuls, etc... when all the sudden, I see chocolate powder come flying out of the canister. I look down and found Choco Mountain.

I didn't realize that the cap wasn't on all the way. All I did was look and laugh at myself. Then I grabbed my camera and thought, "This would be a fun blog post!" So here it is. Just thought some of you might have wanted to share this little moment with me.