Friday, October 30, 2015

In case you have been wondering...

If you have been reading my blog lately (which you probably haven't given my posting frequency), you might be wondering to yourself, "the silent 'h' in Zach has been a little too silent lately. What's going on in his world?" Sometimes I even wonder about the same thing.

The biggest, life-changing event of the recent past has been the birth of my baby girl. She is now 5 months old, in case you were wondering.

5 months! How did that happen? She is the cutest and happiest little person I know. She is also channeling her little dinosaur friend's energy this Halloween (tomorrow).

I'm breezing through the last several months. Anyone that feels they need more info, just hold tight and I'll try and keep you more updated. Besides, there will definitely be more things to come about with this little dino.

This Fall, my wife, 11-week old girl and I bravely moved down to Arizona. I started a DMA in Composition at the University of Arizona. It has been a while since I have been completely immersed in musical activities. I jumped on the Electroacoustic music class in my first semester and have loved getting back into this unique musical and compositional world. Below is a quick, little music concrete piece that I composed. Enjoy!