Monday, June 28, 2010

Being Healthy is FUN!

So, my newest thing as of late has been my desire to make homemade meals and to make them look good and appetizing so that I don't dip into the foods that are going to make me feel icky. So, tonight, I got off of work about an hour early, was bored out of my mind, was really hungry, so I decided to make something. Here it is!

It didn't take very long to prepare and it was incredibly delicious (Lucky Charms theme, "they're magically delicious!" just went through my head. This meal, not "magically" but "incredibly." Could be "magically"...maybe...we'll see). There was a piece of halibut, my favorite fish, in the freezer so I cooked that up. Then some spinach with a delicious italian dressing (not too much!) and parmesan with a slice of watermelon on the side. YUM!

I love preparing my own food, especially when it turns out like this. Bon appetit!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Newest Possession

While I was on my trip with my family to Denver, I acquired something unique and very interesting. It is a musical instrument that has seemed to have lost a lot of respect over the years, though it is making a huge comeback in European music, especially that of the Russian variety. I acquired a beautiful Scandalli accordion, made sometime in the 1930's, that has had very limited use and is practically perfect in physical structure and appearance. Check it out!

(oooOOOoooh! Italy. Nice.)

This baby can really produce a lot of sound and it sounds amazing. This accordion was sitting in my grandparents house for decades. It has been untouched and unplayed for about quite some time now. When we went over to visit them, this is how the first moments went with my grandpa...

"Hi grandma! Hi grandpa!"

"Well, it looks like you made it all right."
[firm grandpa handshake]

"Yes we did."

"Come with me."


"I want you to take this. It has been sitting here in the closet
and hasn't done anything. I thought that you might like it
and maybe would do something with it."

"AWESOME! Thanks grandpa! This is so cool!"

: : :

There you have it. That is how fast I acquired it and how fast grandpa was ready to give it away. He must have been thinking about it for weeks before we even came over (he told me he wanted to give it to me over the phone, but I had no idea that this would be the first thing that would happen when I got there). But, nonetheless, I am really grateful that he did give it to me. I am fascinated by it. I've tried playing a couple of times, but have no idea in this world how it is done. I'll have to look up some things and get working on my favorite Russian pop song. Why is it my favorite? Easy. It uses accordion with a white Russian guy rapping about his black BMW, and how it gets him all the ladies, and the dancing is quite stellar in the video. Just saying. It's pretty awesome.