Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Newest Additions

This Christmas, I introduced two new members to my photography collection. First, I would like you to meet my new tripod, in all of its carbon fiber glory.

I have been wanting a tripod for a long time, ever since the last one that I stole from my parent's ancient camcorder broke. And it's carbon fiber!!! What's not to love about that?

The next member of my photography collection is very special to me. I have been eyeing new lenses for years now, just to be disappointed by extravagant price tags. I think that Canon felt my long draught in purchases and decided to take corrective action. I give you the EF-S ultra wide 10-18mm IS STM.

I absolutely love how much I can fit into a picture. This lens came just in time for me to take some pictures of some of the other things that I love. See for yourself.

(Mmm.... Jaguar F-Type. I need to fit one of these in my garage. The crackle that comes from the exhaust during a downshift is such a heavenly sound)

(Audi A7. My personal favorite sportback. I'm going to need a very large garage)

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